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Ship and boat windows

Boat windows in Alicante

We usually create and duplicate windows for motorboats, ships, vessels or any ohter kind.

Contact us, bring your window and we duplicate it in less than 48 hours. How good is that? A part from that our price is much lower than the boat manufacturer. They use to charge a lot for these replacement pieces. Compare and decide.

We make boat windows or ship windows in Alicante (Elche) from 3 to 30mm acrylic thickness. The more used tones are skomed brown and smoked grey.

In Metacrilaser we care a lot about every detail, over all in nautic material. We only use quality acrylic from PLEXIGLAS®.

We can replicate any boat windows if you bring us the original (even broken) window. We can also work from the frame. Our error margin is ±2mm.

If the window has some curve would be ideal if you could bring us the boat window and the frame. If no frame is available we can always create a mold from the original window and create that curvature to make it fits.

As we have a big machinery we can make windows any kind of  shape up to 2m. This way we can maintain also a good price.

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Boat windows in Alicante

To make it clear and avoid confussion we want to emphasize that we do not sell original or spare parts from the boat manufacturer. This way we don’t neither sell frames or handles. We provide replication and laser cutting services of high quality acrylic (PLEXIGLAS®) transparent or smoked. This solution is a nice and much cheaper alternative than the original boat windows.

On top of that the acrylic we use, PLEXIGLAS®, has a 20 year guarantee against UV rays. And it is specially design for outside use. We work with many thicknesses. We normally make acrylic boat windows with thickness between 6,8 and 10 mm. We can make them in less thickness but ofr security reasons we recommend at least 5mm thick. With the posibility of choosing thickness you can decide to increase insulation or make it cheaper.

If you are looking for a boat or ship window do not hesitate to contact us and ask for free non binding quotation of your work. In less that 24h we will tell you the final price.

If you don’t want to wait you can get an approximation or you window here below ↓

Online calculator

Thickness of the material in millimeters
High (cm.)
Wide (cm.)


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    February 7, 2019